Monday, August 10, 2015

Seattle Washington continues suicidal city's death spiral.....

Shortly after arbitrarily raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour for the least skilled workers, and driving small bid'nesses and restaurants out of the city or out of business...  the Seattle city council is back on suicide watch... their latest bullet?
A proposed Gun Violence Tax with is nothing more than another sales tax and attack on gun shops, gun owners and sportsmen. A $25 dollar tax on every weapon and a Nickel tax on every single round (bullet) sold in the city. 

So, if passed today - expect For Sale or For Rent signs to go up all over Seattle as gun shop owners move outside the city limits. Rents are probably cheaper and customers will be more than happy to follow them for their purchases. So much for the proposed $500k taxes the city expects to take in each year!

Soon, there will be many former gun shop employees joining those newly unemployed fast food burger flippers -- as well as those fast food workers who demanded their hours be cut to ensure they din't make too much money to qualify for food stamps, welfare, housing benefits etc.

That Seattle mold that grows on everything will be growing on a lot of empty retail buildings --  I'd wish them luck, but that would be a phony gesture on my part!

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