Tuesday, August 11, 2015

By now you have seen more than you every wanted to see about that ugly spill in the Animas River in Colorado!

By now, you have all seen the ugly pictures of the Animas River in Colorado that an 'accident' by the Environmental Protection Pollution Agency (EPA) has caused... so I won't belabor the stupidity, and disastrous effect of that stupidity.

A sorry state of affairs!
But I sure would question the resultant pain. Exxon, BP and every other company causing environmental disasters have paid through the nose... literally!  Criminal indictments, huge fines (billion$) and major firings at the administrative level.

Do you reckon that the Queen Bee of the EPA will get fired? Or the Assistant in charge of environmental safety in the West will get fired?  

We can't fine the agency - they have no money except our tax dollars - but we could sure hold those gob'mint employees responsible for their actions .... or inactions.  Time for some serious investigations ----- and time to bring out the employment guillotine!! 

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