Thursday, August 13, 2015

New York voters get what they deserve!!!!

As the crime rates soar, the streets and alleys fill with garbage, urine and feces, and returns to the good ole' days of Mayor Dinkums.... (pre Giuliani that is), their self proclaimed socialist mayor continues to steal from them..

Latest example, he has a gay top aide named Emma Wolfe.  Emma's 'significant other', Stephanie Yazgi, decides she needs a high paying job.  Voila!! No problemo for this political den of thieves....

$150,000 Specialist?
A job is created. Let's call it "overseer of the mayor's national organizing efforts on immigration"! Yeah, that's the ticket -- takes gob'mint obfuscation to a whole new level...

So, without notice, advertising or competition, de Blasio's chief aide, Emma Wolfe's main squeeze - is installed in this brand new tax payer job paying $150,000 tax dollars per year! Is this a great country or what?

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