Thursday, August 13, 2015

Follow Up #3 to the Yellow/Animus River EPA Disaster

PHOTO: The Animas River flows through the center of Durango, Colo. on Aug. 7, 2015.
Source:  Brian Lewis/The Denver Post/Getty Images
The FORMERLY beautiful downtown Durango, Colorado!!
For what ever reason, the Environmental Protection Pollution Agency (EPA) has refused to release the name of the contacting company responsible for this God awful disaster. The Wall Street Journal 's investigators discovered and released the name of the company,"Environmental Restorations (ER) LLC, out of Missouri."

Two questions come to immediate mind - 'Why is the EPA protecting their identity?' and......  'When called by investigative reporters, why are callers informed that the ER's offices are closed for the day and not returning calls?'

And if I sit down here in Texas totally pizzzed at such goings on -- how must the folks along the river and it's down stream folks feel? If this company, ER, who has enjoyed $381 MILLION dollars in Gob'mint contracts, was somehow culpable with anybody in the EPA or Administration and this was more than simple accident or neglect (see Follow up #2 below) ---I hope they tie the varmints responsible to the back of a high powered boat and drag 'em the entire length of the polluted, Yellow/Animas River. Before they find them a room with three hots and a cot at Leavenworth for a few years.....

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