Sunday, June 7, 2015

What went around, comes around.....

Bunny Kimba
I realize that title isn't the way you remember that expression - but bear with me a minute. 

Time was, when the failure of our public schools was blamed not on teachers or administrators, but on the fact that the public schools had to accept every kid under 16, whether they wanted to learn or not. So - the schools were forced to teach to the lowest level in the classroom. 

Well, a federal judge in NY City, has just upped the ante (her name will be familiar) and declared that the teachers themselves should be selected from the lowest level of the applicant.  Apparently New York, has a couple of general, high school level knowledge tests that they administer to new teacher applicants. Really complicated stuff - like showing them four paragraphs from the Constitution and asking them which paragraph describes the three sections of gob'mint.  You know = really high tech stuff.

Apparently, Hispanic and black applicants haven't done as well on these tests as have the white applicants.  "Aha!" shouts Judge Kimba Wood, as she brings down her gavel and declares the test to be racist and discriminatory and throws out the results. 'Besides factual knowledge, the test also checks basic academic skills, such as reading comprehension and the ability to read basic charts and graphs.'

So now, NY City must no longer test basic knowledge skills in teacher applicants and worse, it would appear that all of those who failed the test over the years may be able to sue for back pay because they weren't hired. Can you say "Million$$$" Partners. The new levels in New York are: "Hire the lowest level applicant and have them teach to the lowest level in the classroom."  Sounds like a formula for success doesn't it?

Now then, I mentioned that the Judgette, Kimba might be familiar to you - she is the Federal Judge that Bubba Clinton tried to appoint to the Attorney General position but was dropped like a hot potato when it was discovered that she employed an illegal alien as a house maid. Her brief (pun intended) as a Bunny in a London Playboy Club apparently played no negative part, nor did her quarter dozen husbands..  fortunately for her - once you get a seat on that Federal Bench - it's your forever..... (more if you ain't already mad enough)

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