Saturday, June 6, 2015

D-=Day Thoughts.....

D Day - Normandy Beach
I was doing a little D Day research this morning and the thought occurred to me - With only a short break every now and then, It seems like we (USA) has been at some kind of war since I was born. So I Googled --- it's mind boggling!!! You ain't gonna believe it.
Since the Revolutionary war, the USA has been at war (including Indian wars, et al) 214 out of 235 calendar years of existence. That would be 93% of all the years since 1776 (and includes the Revolutionary war.
I told you it was mind boggling --
Here is a Google link to a list of them all, Victories, Defeats, and Draws. It's quite a list.
The sadder part is - the 21st century doesn't look like much improvement!
Gives you lots to think about -- what is.... what might have been...... what might still be....

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