Monday, June 22, 2015

What the heck is going on in our country?

Think about it a minute -- the Congress has abdicated it's responsibility and turned legislative and regulatory responsibility to the Executive branch. Both the Congress and the Executive branches have turned over their collective legislative and executive responsibilities to the Judicial branch.... 

What? You don't believe me? Even as I type, the entire nation waits, with hat in hand, for the Supremes to announce whether or not the Fifty sovereign states must let guys marry guys and gals marry gals. Turning 240 years of American law on it's head..  Even worse - it isn't even the Nine justices -- after all we know that four will go each way depending on their personal liberal/conservative beliefs ... not on the Constitution. that leaves one justice - one person in a black gown - who will make this momentous decision for the 325 million of us. 

Still have doubts? This same court is about to announce whether the words in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean what they say. Nothing to be interpreted.... but still, these nine justices will be the arbiters of the simple English language. And, based on Chief Justice Robert's tortured twist into a tax law last time - there is no telling what will come forth ...

And it's not limited to the Supreme Court. A Guatemalan citizen and her daughter entered the USA illegally. When apprehended she was placed in a center while her taxpayer paid attorneys worked on her case. There she resided for a year. 

Federal Judge Theodore McKee

After a year, ICE deported the illegal alien, flying her back to Guatemala at our taxpayer's expense. but STOP! The Clinton appointed liberal chief judge (pictured) of the 3rd District Federal Appeals Court takes umbrage with this action because nobody said 'May I' or something.. and ORDERS ICE TO GO TO GUATEMALA, FIND THE ILLEGAL ALIEN AND BRING HER BACK TO THE USA UNTIL HE DECIDES WHAT HER FATE WILL BE!

Please don't misunderstand.. I'm not arguing the merits of any of these cases.. I am merely questioning 'WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY?"

If States want to pass laws legalizing gay marriage - that's their bid'ness.
If Congress wants to amend the ACA to correct the subsidy problem, that's their bid'ness. 
And if Congress wants to pass a law that says that any domestically abused housewife or husband IN THE WORLD can claim refuge in the USA - that too, is their business. 

Pretty soon we are going to be like some of those European and Muslim countries where the judges make the rules as well as enforce them. Is that what we want?

{p.s.: If you want to read a super weak resume for a federal judge, just Google Judge Theodore McKee!}

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