Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A story told in two parts.....

Usually, when a journalist or investigative reporter uncovers a chink in the federal (or any) government's operation, the department scurries to correct the mission.  But not in this case....

Last August,  James O'Keefe, investigator, producer of PROJECT VERITAS (remember the ACORN prostitute scandals they  uncovered?) released a video showing just how porous our Southern Border is.  He even video-taped himself wading across the border wearing an Osama Bin Laden disguise -- untouched, undetected, and unseen by the Border Patrol even though it was in full daylight.

Here is a brief clip of that video;

Now, almost a year later -- what do you suppose U.S. Customs & Border Patrol agents have done to correct these problems....?  If you answered any of the common sense, expected, reasonable answers....  you flunked the quiz!

Embedded image permalinkWhat U.S. Customs did do was ...... mark a big X on O'Keefe's passport to guarantee that he will be detained every time he returns to the USA from abroad... at any airport -- not just the Southern Border.

 Yessirreebob! That'll teach those infernal investigative reporters to keep their noses out of the Fed's bid'ness. Here's more to O'Keefe's story.. stay tuned. 

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