Friday, June 26, 2015

Just in case you didn't know..........

I'm sure that the politically edjumacated readers of this blog have seen the video of the Community Leader currently occupying the Oval Orifice as he put down the heckler at his little White House social..  But just in case you weren't aware:

1. The guests were invited representatives of the LGBTQ (lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender/queer) community. 
2. The heckler was Jennicet Gutierrez, an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who had been invited and escorted into the party by White House security staff.
3. When Obamanation chastised her for heckling in HIS house, while eating HIS hor d'oeuvres, and drinking HIS drinks.. he was speaking of OUR HOUSE, and taxpayer paid hors d'oeuvres and beverages paid for by we the tax payers. A mere slip of the tongue on his part. of course. 

Senorita Gutierrez just happened to have an Op-ed piece all prepared for the next mornings issue of the Washington Blade, which is apparently the NY Times of the lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender/queer community in this nation.  I won't link you to it because it says nothing new... free all the illegal trannies currently being held by Immigration or something.

I've about run out of words to say on this subject, but if you skipped or missed it, you might want to read my entry just a couple of items down regarding 'Tyranny of the Minorities".

BTW = How does a person who is in this country ILLEGALLY get a personal invitation to a cocktail party at the White House without being apprehended for being in this country illegally?  Does the law mean nothing anymore in this country?

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