Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If you can't stand on your record...... attack with sound bites....

With all the noise coming from the Libtards Democrats this week regarding the Battle Flag of Virginia -- I think they really are totally ignorant of  American history ---  I won't argue or belabor the point -- you can find out for yourself, but here are a few indisputable facts:

1. The Republican Party fought slavery and was the party that brought it to and end through the Civil war.
2.  For a hundred years, the Dims fought to keep the Blacks from voting and kept the Jim Crow laws active in the South to keep the Blacks 'in their place'.
3.. The GOP was the Party that finally got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed.
4. When the Dixiecrats racists broke away from the Dim party and then returned to the main stream parties after 1964 -- this is how the segregationist Dixiecrats rejoined....

Dixiecrats who remained Democrats after 1964

Orville Faubus

Benjamin Travis Laney

John Stennis

James Eastland

Allen Ellender

Russell Long

John Sparkman

John McClellan

Richard Russell

Herman Talmadge

George Wallace

Lester Maddox

John Rarick

Robert Byrd

Al Gore, Sr.

Bull Connor  (our favorite liberal sheriff)

Dixiecrats who became Republicans after 1964:

Strom Thurmond

Miles Godwin

That pretty well sums it up, doesn't it? And as an afterthought, the Dims have controlled Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and more cities for years -- they sure have a record for elevating the status of the Black citizens of those cities, don't they!

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