Friday, June 5, 2015

Cathing up....

Well Partners,  I've been AWOL for a couple days catching up on some personal medical stuff.  Glad to be back --- Let me see if I can summarize some of the more interesting headlines I've missed talking about

1. The Chicagoland community organizer currently embarrassingly occupying the Oval Orifice, you know, the feller that was given the Nobel Peace prize for not accomplishing anything = has scored another coup!  Yep, he has brought the Jews and the Arabs together to discuss pacts, peace and self defense. His mishandling of the Islamic Terrorist group known commonly as the Islamic State of Iran --- has joined the political and regal heads of state of Israel and Saudi Arabia arm in arm in Arms to defend against a common foe. Wonder if Nobel will want his demeaned coin back? 

2. Julian Castro, who's claim to political fame was a couple of two year terms as Mayor of San Antonio TX, ($4K per year) has his friends throwing his hat at Hellary Clinton demanding he be placed on her short list for VEEP! That's just what this country needs right now -- a 70 year old president that keeps falling on her head when under pressure and a VEEP one heartbeat away who thinks that being the son of a Saul Alinsky protegee (and having a Mexican surname) is sufficient resume for choosing him.  Apparently some of her senior advisers have quietly told him where to stick that hat! Shucks his experience makes Sara Palin look like a world statesmen (woman) in comparison when Johnny Mac picked her. 
3 Gob'nor Rick Perry (my favorite dark horse in this GOP primary stampede) came oat of the gate in spot #11 with a good old fashion, positive, upbeat announcement speech. Surrounded by true American heroes who are not just cardboard cutouts behind and beside him. Should be interesting.  
Unfortunately, Jeb Bush (formerly known as Gentleman Jeb) decided to step on Rick's announcement by using the day to announce his announcement later this month. 

4. And of course, topping the news, more important than the sagging GNP, employment numbers and increased gains by ISIS (who BhO sez we are whupping... more important than all that is that Caitlain Jenner, formerly known as Bruce the Swift,  has apparently found a $100 million to create yet another trash reality show to fill TV land with. Watch out Kordashians --- you may be too straight for TV.

Now I got to go find an apt cartoon you haven't seen and place it above.....  Thanks for dropping by....

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