Friday, June 19, 2015

Bid'ness as usual......

Had a few technical problems this week with my PC, as well as a couple of medical ones... thanks for coming back. 

Today is Friday, 'news dump day' in White House parlance - but they ain't  dumping much news this week. Matter of fact they seem plumb reticent to point out that Michelle Antoinette is on a Euro shopping spree with the girls and her regular posse of hangers on,  on your tax dimes (hundreds of thousands of your tax dimes)..... England first and now Italy 

Meanwhile, not to let the wife have a larger carbon footprint, Obamanation finished his pious remarks and then grabbed his clubs.... or rather. had his private secret service agent grab his clubs.... and jetted off to California on Air Force One to spend an hour with some Hollywoodies who paid $33,000 each to be present for that hour -- They all agreed that guns are terrible and no citizen should own one .... as they sat there surrounded by armed secret service agents and left in their limos with their private, armed bodyguards and chauffeurs. 

Then - back on Air Force One for a weekend of golf ..... not to worry about ISIS, PUTIN, GUNS, or Michelles spending tab in Europe.....................

What was that phrase Nero used? Oh yes..
                                                La Dolce Vita !!!

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