Sunday, June 21, 2015

And it's about time!!!!

The Army has their Special Forces, the Navy has their SEALS, and the Marines have their MARSOC! Say what?

Imagine the young officer or old Gunnery Sergeant trying to push his Marine troops over a hill and shouting, 'C'mon you Marine Special Operations Command troops - up and at 'em!"

I was pleased (and surprised) to see that the Marine Corps have restored the RAIDERS  name and logo from it's post World War II resting place. The Marine Raiders were a force to be feared  ... and I think that some towel headed terrorists in this world will fear them again! For more, click here, meanwhile,


[p.s. - the reason I said I was surprised at this reactivation of this historic name is that I didn't think it would be possible in this PC era led by the metro-sexual in the Oval office...     OOOH RAH!!!  ]

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