Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm gonna rant like a Grandfather --- so stand back in case I spittle!!!

Your kid's school lunch entree - 
Burnt Burrito w/toasted saran wrap!
I don't know if this picture will do justice to this abomination that Obamanation's wife insists your kids eat in school.  It is a seriously burnt burrito, wrapped in melted plastic wrap and served for school lunch in West Virginia. So I guess it contains just the right amount of calories, proteins, and plastic chemical infusions to please the palates,,  
This is just picture number 10,943 that I've seen around the net of such insanity!! In the jargon of my children....WTF?  Moochelle Antoinette has never been elected to public office, she has not been hired as America's School Chef, she has no culinary training except ordering take-out in Chicago--- before she got that big POTUS credit card and moved up to Waygu beef and it's side dishes...

So what the hell is going on? Who put her in charge of the food the Nation's kids are offered forced to eat every day? Heck, just Friday I read of a mother who sent a bag lunch with her kid to school and received a screaming letter back because she had the temerity to include  a couple of Oreo cookies!   

The kid would have been better off with the Listeria monocylogenes laced packaged apple slices given to kids up in Indiana last week I reckon. 

Who the hell is in charge in this country anymore? I am told that the excuse given for the melted plastic wrapped, burnt burritos was because the W Virginia kitchen help (I ain't gonna call 'em cooks) never fixed burritos before and screwed them up - and then didn't substitute something edible because they had to stick to the menu.

And these phony baloney (pun intended) folks in the East Wing think that the serving of mac & cheese, and a hot dog that we grew up on -- were unhealthy!


Here is what a balanced school lunch is supposed to look like:

Here is what a Moochelle demanded lunch looks like:(dead fish & all) 

And here is my final word before I wipe the enraged spittle off my chin--- I wondered what the Obama girls get for lunch at the very expensive Sidwell Friends School in DC...... (I can't move all the pictures here - so I'll just link you in case you are curious.    You scroll down....

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