Friday, April 10, 2015

Was Ross Perot some kind of visionary? A seer?

Remember back when he was running as an independent candidate for president back in 1992..... when he used to express his concern about the other candidates whose ideas were 'kinda like having a crazy old aunt in the special room in the basement/"

I wonder if in his minds eye - he was foretelling the arrival of Joltin' Joe Biden, the crazy ole man from Scranton .... fondles cabinet ministers wives during swearing in ceremonies, rubs up against the teen aged children of other White House guests .... tells America to load their shotguns and run out to the porch and shoot if they suspect anything untoward in their neighborhood --- and now.... now...

'Grabs a pacifier out of the mouth of a two year old, sticks it into his own mouth, and sucks away....   The kid, by the way, is unrelated - he is NY City mayor de Blasio's grandson -- 

Has Joe Bite-Me gone over the edge? Time to join the crazy aunt in the basement? Look at the pictures below and you be the judge!

Where is Ross when we need him?

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