Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The world lost a great innovator on March 23rd ---

Who was Gary Ross Dahl, you ask?  He was the feller that sold over a million and a half stones for four bucks apiece - calling them Pet Rocks. He included clever packaging, a training and care instruction manual -- and became a millionaire.

Gary Dahl, the creator of the wildly popular 1970s fad the Pet Rock, has died at age 78 in southern Oregon Those of you who are old enough to remember back when this was a great nation will join me in mourning one of the finer salesmen of the 20th Century. Gary Ross Dahl died of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) a few days ago. 
It is fitting that we recognize his life on this, the first day of April, doncha' think?

He followed this selling phenomena up with his book, Advertising for Dummies!
Rest In Peace, Mr Dahl -- men of your wit and acumen come along only to seldom!

Here are just a couple of comments included with his obit story in the Daily Mail...
my2cents: (Texas)
I was seven and I begged for the pet rock. I remember spending a lot of time reading the instructions on how to teach it to "heel". I kept putting the rock behind me and saying "heel", and sure enough it stayed right there! I thought it was magical. I was 7! LOL

JoeCam: (NYC)

I was a kid when it came out, every kid in the neighborhood had one, fun times.

Francine: New Jersey

I had a feral pet rock found in the woods.

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