Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Evil Weasel on the loose - Hint - you'll find him in the US Senate...

A Political Biography

When I first spotted this book in my library I thought that perhaps is was the unauthorized biography of the Dem's Senate Leader - Dingy Harry Reid. Turns out to be a fiction book for children....

Still think it would make a great title for a bio on that Nevada version of Snidely Whiplash. A man so low that he would used the sanctity (and law suit proof) well of the senate floor to stand and spout libelous, scandalous lies about a candidate for POTUS and then laugh about it afterward.  I know you are all well aware of his original lies regarding Mitt Romney, but not sure how many of you heard him snicker about it this week in a CNN interview. After all you might not be one of CNN's four viewers that evening.. So here's a link to the interview. 

In this land of 300 Million (plus) Americans, the voters have elected the Community Organizer currently lying to us from the Oval Orifice  - and this little pinched face evil weasel as Majority Leader of the Senate. 

So, who is to blame -- the White House liar - or the American Voter? The Senate Dims -- or the Nevada voters? 

It's a puzzlement, but I reckon their is enough ignorance, apathy and low information voters around to accomplish almost anything - no matter how low!

I would conclude this little scent spray by comparing him to whale excrement or bat poop -- but Ambergris (whale excrement) and Guano (bat poop) are both useful and valued items. 
Arrest that shower door!!

p.s.: Do you reckon there is anybody in the Nation with an IQ equal to the room temperature that believes that Dingy Harry got his eye bones broken and ribs cracked by being attacked by his glass shower door? Nah, I din't think so -- I have no idea what happened and can't use the well of the Senate to lie about it -- so I'll just keep my thoughts about how he got so rich as a civil servant in the great State of Nevada to myself.....

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