Monday, April 6, 2015

Scary Monday morning thought -----

I got to thinking over the weekend (for a change?)  and it occurred to me that with the Supremes putting their stamp of approval on Obamacare's mandatory purchase of health insurance -"You vill buy this program, citizen, vether you vant to or not!"

And now the redaction's of freedom of religion bills (remember the 1st Amendment) where in the law, with the full force of federal and state government can force you to do things that you do not wish to do - for personal or religious reasons....
..... Cater a gay wedding
..... Bake a KKK cake for a private party
..... Produce a sausage that looks like a noose?

I don't need to make a full list - you've read enough the last few days -- It's no longer good enough to ensure that the business service you provide in your diner, bar, bakery is non-discriminatory -- now you you can be put out of bid'ness (and worse) for failing to go outside of your bid'ness and perform functions which you find totally at odds with your personal belief system.
Wasn't gonna post this -- too Strong!!
But then, better to strong than not at all!!

Even in the Equal Opportunity laws and days that cleaned up all of the Jim Crow laws of the old South-- bid'ness folks weren't forced to go out on field adventures to perform tasks that were an anathema to their own belief system.

Are Jewish caterers going to be forced to present back yard Pig roasts?
Are Muslim restaurants going to have to lay in a supply of sausages and bacon?
Will the all American flag company have to have an inventory of  Nazi, and Rising Sun flags?

Where does it end-- or more to the point - where does the separation between the US of A and the tyrants & despots of the world begin and end???

Heck, if I owned a pizza joint and could afford it, I wouldn't allow any customers with ill mannered brats in the joint, regardless of their color, religion, or moral beliefs! But that would be my choice!  

Happy to see that 27.000 good folks have contributed over $850,000 to these folks... I hope they use it wisely!

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