Monday, April 6, 2015

Chicago Voters - Suicidal or just Semi-suicidal?

Big day in Chicago tomorrow! Will the voters re-elect Rocky Rahm and continue the city's slow descent into a macro-Detroit disaster?  Or will they opt to elect Jesus (Chuy) Garcia, and put the pedal to the metal toward the ruination of Chicagoland.  

Already deep in debt and sinking fast -- in a Blue run state that is too far in debt to help out Chicago or even a small town -- Chicago only has one way to survive... belt tightening, budget cutting, regulation relieving and tax relief.  None of which are being proposed by either of these two left leaning politicians. 

So instead of Rahm Emmanuel vs Jesus Garcia..... the ballot should read 'Death by over-eating' or 'Quick death by lead poisoning' (a 45 slug to the heart)

We shall see... watch for news at 11 pm on Tuesday....

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