Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No Hablo Ingles? In Puerto Rico?

Put this down on the list of things you will believe, but don't want to....

If you are a resident of the former Spanish colony of Puerto Rico, where Spanish is one of two official languages (along with English) and where Spanish is the language of choice spoken in 95% of the homes........ and you don't speak English -- run, don't walk to your nearest Social Security office and sign up for an extra stipend of American Tax Payer dollars because you are handicapped!

Yep, read that first paragraph again and it sez the same thing. If you cannot communicate comfortably in English in Puerto Rico - you considered disabled... thus eligible for disability payments.  

Say what? You are a registered surgical nurse with a Masters Degree in nursing, but you don't speak/write English to communicate with your 95% Spanish speaking patients --- Yep, you guessed it, apply to the SSA and collect your disability pay as you continue to work in your high tech job..

Just thought I'd offer this out as a little something to cheer up your day -- as you fill out your tax returns ...... and pay that 'fair share extra amount' to pay for Obamacare!! 

And the beat goes on....and on..... and on.....!

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