Monday, March 16, 2015

Why am I not surprised....

Here it is, the Ides of March +1, and the apparent front runners for the nomination for the office of President of the United states are::::: (drum roll here)

Democrat Party (excluding Ms Cankles) Former Gob'nor Martin O'Malley of the very Blue state, Peoples Republic of Maryland --- whose claim to fame is that after taxing everything else that moved in this very Blue state and running out all of the businesses - except their biggest -- federal gob'mint employment.... he even started taxing the citizens for rainfall.  He wants to be your POTUS.

Republican Party (excluding Bush III) Sitting Gob'nor Scott Walker of the Blue State of Wisconsin - who successfully fought the teachers unions to save the schools and budget in that state.... and recently signed a Right to Work law... making Wisconsin the 25th such state. 

So there we are -- 9 months till the first primaries -- and they are off!!!

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