Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When I was a lad... it was said that Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida....

There are two things wrong with that theory -- 
1, Ponce de Leon discovered Florida (even though it wasn't lost) but was not searching for the proverbial Fountain of Youth. and,
2. If he had been searching for such a Font - he would have followed the money trail to the Federal Social Security System!!

Established experts have determined that there a only 35 known individuals over the age of 112 still living in the WORLD. 

However -- according the the Social Security Administration - there are 6.5 Million Americans over the age of 112!

SSA did not establish controls to annotate death information on the Numident record of number holders who exceeded maximum reasonable life expectancies and were likely deceased. At the time of our review, SSA’s Numident included approximately 6.5 million number holders who were born before June 16, 1901 but who did not have death information on their record. SSA issued almost all the SSNs to process benefit claims filed by the number holders or their family members before March 1972 and had previously input dates of death on more 1.8 million of these numberholders’ payment records but did not record the death entries on the Numident.
In addition, we identified thousands of instances of potential identity theft or other fraud involving these SSNs. 
Between the years 2006 and 2011, some 70,000 of these outdated SSNs were used to procure $3.1 billion in earnings. One specific SSN turned up 613 times on different wage reports, according to the IOG. 
The IOG out recommended procedures for the SSA and requested it send back a "corrective action plan," within the next 60 days. 
This story seems almost too insane to be true, but sadly, it is just another ghastly example of Big Government gone amok.
Ron Paul keeps screaming and frothing at the lips for an audit of the Fed. He and others should start screaming and frothing at the lips for a PUBLIC AUDIT OF ALL US GOB'MINT DEPARTMENTS, EXPENSES AND INCOMES! 

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