Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's Wednesday morning -- Hump Day -- here's a thought....

I'm not gonna insult y'all's intelligence and define the word SERVANT for you -- you all know what a servant is and what a servant does and what a servant's subservient position to the master is ....

But I have to wonder, if elected politicians call theyselves Public Servants, and if the millions of unelected hireling bureaucrat civil servants are truly servants.... why do you reckon it is that the three Counties in this entire United States of America with the highest median household incomes are:
1. Loudoun County, Virginia (suburb of DC)
2. Howard County, Maryland (suburb of DC)
3. Fairfax County, Virginia (suburb of DC)

Kind twists around in your head doesn't it? 

I don't recall any high paying Silicon Valley factories there, or any Billy Gates Microsoft enterprises, or even the headquarters for General Motors ---   why and how then, do you think that these Servants of the taxpayers of the USA manage to create and live in the the three highest income counties in the USA?

BTW, a bit of trivia - there are 3,143 counties (and such) in the USA.3.140 have less income per household than those three named above.

Smile - April 15th is arriving rapidly!!

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