Thursday, March 12, 2015

Turban Durbin rides the owlhoot trail again....

Turban Durbin, (Ill) Dim Whip of the US Senate 
Good old dependable Dick Durbin, the minority whip in the US Senate is out on another raid on the American working class.  Having helped his fellow political crooks in the State of Crooked Politics Illinois, and having failed to get the so called Marketplace Fairness Act passed last year -- he and his fellow travelers are on the prod again.  

Kerchiefs out, guns drawn, hiding behind the bushes waiting to waylay the businesses that might want to sell their products to the good folks of Illinois. It failed miserably in the Senate and never even reached the floor in the House, but Durbin is nothing if not a persistent political thief.   

The logic of this grand theft law is that if a state is run so poorly and taxes raised so high that good solid businesses are run plumb out of the state -- that any product Illinois citizens buy from them in Kentucky, Texas, or wherever, should have a sales tax placed on them, that those out of state businesses should spend their money and profits determining exactly how much tax is due - and to which of the thousands of taxing entities in Illinois and other sovereign states -- collect the money at their own expense and forward it en total to the purchaser's home state.

Adding insult to injury, these highway robbers have the affront to call this the Marketplace Fairness Act!!!   See also chutzpah!!

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