Thursday, March 12, 2015

New word for the day---- CORUSCATING!

I was reading Ann Coulter's weekly column this morning and paused at a phrase in her seventh (short) paragraph wherein she attempts to demonstrate how lucky we are to have our current Nobel Prize winning Community Organizer in the Oval Office instead of a Paul Revere, Winston Churchill or Ronald Reagan!

"Take Paul Revere. He warned the Minutemen: "The British are coming!"
True, that worked out OK. It got the job done. Revere conveyed the essential information, albeit in a bumper-sticker phrase, susceptible to ugly stereotypes. But what if it had been Barack Revere! Prepare to be dazzled.
If Obama had been able to apply his intricate, coruscating mind to the situation, he might have cried out, as he galloped through the streets that fateful night:
Good evening, everybody! I want to say a few words on a number of topics and take a few questions! First, beginning with the No. 1 thing most Americans care about -- the British are -- well, it would tempting to say they're "coming," but that would be painting with too broad a brush. Is the entire British Empire coming? Is Bombay coming? Bengal? The Turks & Caicos? This is something I just recently heard about on the evening news! The truth is, "We found out that certain forces are marshaling."
We are not at war with the British Empire. We are at war with people who have perverted the British Empire! Our military action has to be part of a broader, comprehensive strategy to protect America's working families and strengthen the middle class! And that starts with the Minutemen building on the progress that they've made so far and forming an inclusive force that will unite their towns and strengthen their security forces! And I've asked Secretary Kerry to continue to build the coalition that's needed to meet this threat. Which, by the way, is COMING!
See? One could say, "The British are coming," but Obama's way is so much better!"
So, my Word for the Day is CORUSCATING!  I had to look it up -- :
  1. flashing; sparkling.
    "a coruscating kaleidoscope of colors"
    • brilliant or striking in content or style.
      "the play's coruscating 

    • Now it is your word forever as well,  And if anybody stops you in the street today to discuss Obamanation's coruscating mind...... well - you are prepared. 
    • No need to send thanks!!

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