Saturday, March 28, 2015

A happy Saturday thought .....if that's possible during a war.....

As I sit here at Pecoz's Command Central -- and read the bad news, the worse news and the ugly news coming out of Washington - I decided to try to think of some positive news..

And then it occurred to me, that although the Empty Suit currently occupying the Oval Orifice has totally screwed up everything he has touched or addressed in the Middle East since he screwed up even his swearing in oath, back in 2009.... one kinda neat thing has happened as a result...

For years - Saudi Arabia has used American and NATO forces as a sort of surrogate mercenary force to fight their wars for them. They write checks, our youngsters bleed and die. 

But in this current clusterfart in Yemen.... the Saudi's have pulled up their big boy pants, put on their combat boots, gassed up their fighter planes and taken the battle to ISIS!  And we ain't in the middle.  Even Martha Stewart would say. "That's a good thing!"

Those folks have been fighting for fourteen hundred years and probably will for a thousand more (unless Obamanation gives 'em the plans to an A-Bomb instead of just permission to build one) whether we get involved as so called peace-keepers or not!   

So it's Iran and the Shiites vs Saudi Arabia and the Sunnis  -- let the games begin! 

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