Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Will new CEO at McDonalds see the light???

A burger joint is a burger joint -- but MickeyD's always attracted attention and customers because they had the absolute greatest french-fries of any fast food joint in the land...

Then along came the Vegans --- "Stop using animal fats', they cried. 
Then along came the gob'mint - "Stop using saturated fats' they demanded.

So, McDonalds surrendered to the Vegans (who wouldn't come to the Golden Arches on a bet anyhow -- at least not when their fellow Vegans could see 'em!)

And, McDonalds surrendered to the the FDA and their pencil necked, nanny state crowd -  they switched to vegetable oils and other tasteless unsaturated fats...  

Now, they are left with the same tasteless frozen burgers as all the rest of the chains, and french fries as tasteless as sticks of cardboard...   Their CEO was just fired because Profits dropped by 30%!!  

Now the Fed's have said - "Oh never mind, we've been wrong for forty years" and the Vegans keep blathering, but who cares?

Do you reckon the new CEO will bring back the FAT!! And the customers, and tell the 3% of the population who are true vegans to go stick a broccoli stick up their nose.... probably not -- but he'd be a hero if he did!!!

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