Thursday, February 19, 2015

Got over Hump Day yesterday --- G'mornin' Thursday....

And I got to thinking about this Scott Walker college bru-ha-ha that the Washington Post is trying to turn from a minor fact into a pile of their usual MSManure!  (Keep in mind that this is the same newspaper that not only failed to vet a certain Community Organizer now occupying the Oval Office's college records six years ago - but hasn't asked to see them yet!!

Anyway I got to thinking about this college degree that the drop out doctor, Screaming Howard Deeenie, seems so focused on. I could present the usual litany of successful Presidents sans degrees, Truman, Lincoln, Washington - but that's been done!   

Nope Partners, my question for myself and you today, in this second month of the 15th year of the Second Millennium.... is do we think that a college degree is necessary to be a leader of the free world?  Not just an Ivy League degree from the Elitist North East --- but any college degree. 

I've give this serious thought and have come to one conclusion --- HELL NO!! Give me a man, or a woman, with an innate skill at leadership, a common sense IQ of 150, and enough self confidence to surround him/herself with the very best minds, experience and leaders available and let'er rip! 

Shoot, a POTUS with a $500 PC and access to GOOGLE has more information instantly at hand than did all the presidents in our history with a thousand lackies......

Our problem in this 21st Century is that we demand ...... let me rephrase that - politics demand - that the POTUS be all things to all people all the time! Nutso! There aren't enough hours in the day -- we don't need a fundraising, cheer leading, backpacking, Air Force One passenger, Boy Scout greeting fellow in the White House.. We don't need to see/hear him on TV 24/7 ---  We need a thoughtful person who will sit down at Cabinet meetings on a weekly basis - reach a consensus on the priority of things -- delegate responsibilities, and then get out of the way --- evaluating results as they come in. Make changes in people and programs as called for - and sit down with members of both Houses of Congress to see how it's going..   

Our current POTUS (using the title - but not necessarily agreeing with the man's deserving of that job title) has spent more time on the golf course than in the daily security/financial/state of the Union meetings..  Between vacays to Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, India, and all manner of places = he hasn't had time to mind the store-- (not to mention constant fund raising, campaigning 24/7). Thus, ergo and hence, non-elected hirelings the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and innumerable unnamed Czars have been running the day to day operation of this nation....

You get my drift?

I honestly believe that there are 10 million Americans who could do a better job for this country, with more efficiency, and better results --- than these Harvard/Yalies that we seem to hire every four years... 

Scott Walker, as far as I know - Hell yes!!
Sarah Palin, as far as I know - Hell yes!!
PecozBill, as far as I know - Hell yes!!

Folks who can identify problems, gain consensus, outline the solutions and pat someone on the back and say ----"Make it happen!!" And then follow up to make sure it does....

How about you - you ready to fill that empty suit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office --- I'd bet we'd never catch you with your shoes and feet propped up on it!!!                    

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