Monday, February 2, 2015

What a difference Internet access makes

With Google and the Internet, we can learn so much about our news sources that we could never do back in the day ....  back when Uncle Walter (the most trusted man in America) lied through his teeth every evening for twenty-two minutes before he dramatically removed his glasses and said, "And that's the way it is....."

I Googled "Governor Rick Perry, jogs, shoots coyote" this morning, almost five years after the event and got 136,000 hits...  Needless to say, I didn't check them all out - but as examples of just the Google headlines:

Huffington Post: "Rick Perry Shoots And Kills Coyote. Gov carried Laser-Sighted pistol on jog."

CBS News (the late Uncle Walters network): "Rick Perry Kills "Wily" Coyote during jog"

The Daily Beast: "Rick Perry Says He Shot a Coyote While Jogging but Where are the Witnesses and would the governor of Texas really use a firearm fit for a Metrosexual?"  (It was a 380 handgun)

And there was FOX News - "Texas Governor Shoots, Kills Coyote Who Threatened Dog"   The first mention that the coyote was attacking his daughter's Labrador retriever puppy that was accompanying him on his jog... (fair & balanced) 

I can just imagine Uncle Walter Cronkite on his evening news show, intoning, "Rick Perry, the Republican governor of Texas, today - using a laser sighted weapon, destroyed one of Gods natural creatures. (Glasses off) And that's the way it is!"

Google it yourself if you think I am exaggerating.....

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