Sunday, February 1, 2015

Some folks just ain't cut out to be crooks...

On Thursday, this unhappy looking twenty-seven year old feller from Alexandria Virginia,  was driving a Crown Victoria down the road in Dumfries, Virginia. He started following an automobile and flashed his spot light at it... much like the police officer he was pretending to be would do. 
Time for a new career?

The driver of the other car pulled over, and when our would be thief or otherwise felonious wannabe walked up to the car - the driver that he had pulled over flashed his badge and identified himself as an off duty Dumfries police officer. 

Our master of the shortest crime spree in Dumfries history, ran for his car and took off.  He got away but when he found out that there was an arrest warrant out for him, turned himself in, has been locked up without bond, and his first court appearance isn't set until March 4th..... so that would be 35 days in jail before he even makes a court appearance.

I get the feeling that police officers don't like folks pretending to be police officers...

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