Sunday, February 1, 2015

Random thoughts on a calm Superbowl Sunday morning --

Before the final round of the Phoenix Open (and it's insanity at the 16th Hole) and the six hour build up to the Super (I hope) Bowl....   I find my mind wandering... and wonder about stuff.....

 Why is that vegans demand that everybody else stop eating meat? Steak eaters rarely shout "Eat Meat!" or "Tofu should be banned!"

Why do Homosexuals Parade and shout "Gay Pride" while waving their rainbow flags. I've never seen a Heterosexual Parade, have you? What flag would they wave if they did march?

McDonalds became the largest fast food chain on the planet... then the vegans decided they should stop serving those outstanding French Fries and start deep frying 'em in vegetable oil. Now McDonalds gets a new CEO every three years as they try to figure out what happened to business. Didn't it ever occur to them that those vegans were never customers anyway?

College campuses (or is that campi?) have banned Chick-Fil-A because the owner supports traditional marriage. I wonder how those college students figure they were conceived? 

 Again with the college campuses, the faculty and student bodies demand free speech and freedom of expression, Why then do they ban Condoleeza Rice, Ann Coulter,  Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dr Ben Carson from speaking at commencements?

Did you ever see a bunch of gun owners insisting that simply everybody must buy and own a gun? Neither did I!
The only presidential candidate that won the office and did exactly what he said he was going to do, is the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office. He stated without hesitation that if elected, he was going run coal companies out of bid'ness, raise electric rates for all, and fundamentally reform the United States of America. These he has done!!  Why are folks surprised?

What time does that game start? 

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