Friday, January 23, 2015

Presidents Day is coming February 16th ... or is it?

I won't go into the history of Presidents Day -- it's to long and convoluted, but I do know that most folks are clueless about it's meaning --  btw, to some it is Presidents Day....  to others it is President's Day....  for a third group it is Presidents' Day.   Confusing isn't it. 

Of course, for a fourth group, millions and millions of working Americans who don't happen to be in the Ruling Class in this country - an elected official or gob'mint employee..... it's just another work day..... 

In some States, the honoree is George Washington, Father of our Country - in others it is a celebration of Washington and Abe Lincoln's birthdays. In States un another geographic section of our country, it is a celebration of the birthdays of Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  

But for the real truth - let's go to the true source..... the mouths of Babes.  Last year, I had occasion to ask my 8 year-old great granddaughter if she knew what President's Day means.  She never missed a beat and replied, "President's Day is when the President steps out of the White House and onto the Rose Garden. And if he sees his shadow...... we get another year of Bull Shit!!"

And now you too, know the true meaning of President's Day!!

(with a little help from my vet friend Al up in the Peoples Republic of MD)

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