Thursday, January 22, 2015

Justice Delayed............................. Justice Denied?

1923 = Last Execution
by Hanging in Texas
Last evening, Texas executed a 41 year old convicted murderer. It was the first execution of this young year. I'm sure that liberal hands will wring, professional opinionators will wail, and the the sun will come up in the East this morning. 

Twenty-one years ago, at the age of twenty, this poor feller that died going to sleep with an injection in an alcohol sanitized arm (go figure that one out) was one of three young fellers that broke into the San Antonio home of a 72-year old man, his 62-year old wife, and their live in 90-year old former nanny. They were in search of money and valuables.

Nobody knows exactly went on in that house that evening, nor exactly how long the torture and killings took -- but all three occupants died from multiple wounds inflicted by an ice pick, a screw driver, and a knife. I think we can assume that these were not instant painless deaths - performed on a gurney with alcohol sanitized instruments. 

The three young adult killers then grabbed their reward for their murderous, sadistic actions ....  some jewelry and $300 in cash. 

Oh, did I mention that that all three were high on cocaine, and that the 62-year old woman was the great-aunt of two of these lads? She invited them in and fixed them a breakfast of eggs, tortillas and orange juice. 

For those of you keeping score, one of the three killers was a day short of 17 so he received a life sentence instead of a death sentence. The second killer, identified by police and the defendants as the mastermind of this blood letting--- had all charges against him dropped. Prosecutors expressed regret about that. 
2015 = Huntsville TX

And the third member of the trio -- died last night after 21 years of appeals, care & feeding and legal fees............ quietly strapped to a gurney on nice clean sheets - after dining on BBQ beef, carrots, pinto beans and Iced Tea......

I hope that at 6:31 pm last night, he met a Greater Judge who decided his next lodging point!!

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