Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just a passing thought -- the joke is on our grandchildren???

When I was a lad, the joke of the day was: "Why do new born babies cry?" 
The punchline was: "Because they are born cold, wet, hungry and owing $1300 of the National Debt!"

Today that punchline would read: "Because they are born cold, wet, hungry and owing $56,524 dollars of the National Debt!"

You aren't smiling? You don't get the joke?  I don't reckon our grand kids will either. for 238 years, the tradition in this great country was to hand down to the next generation, a better country and a better life than their parents had.. And for the first two centuries - this pretty well held true - But alas, I think it has come to a conclusion. I know my generation did pretty well by our kids, and our kids tried to contain big gob'mint... but we've gone off the rails. 

And I think the train started to slip off the track with FDR's New Deal and went plumb over the bridge with LBJ's Great Society socialist programs. Breaking up the family units, discouraging marriage, fatherhood and encouraging unwed mothers to become the family breadwinners by becoming foaling mares. Welfare moms.  Public parasites. 

Everybody needs a hand up every now and then -- but nobody should get a hand out for their entire adult life!!

Oh, and if you check that National debt clock again, you'll find that your share of the National Debt increased by several dollars while you were reading this short piece.    And if that doesn't get your attention, be aware that every man, woman and child in this nation carries a $798,233 dollar liability for the total debt (including unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, and such like.  

Pat them grand kids on the head, but grab them and their parents' ears and make 'em look at this National Debt Clock for a few minutes.....

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