Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dem Bones Dem Bones -- need a __________?

Now then students..... if you paid attention to that short video, you caught the fact that whether you start at the toe bones or at the finger bones --- the main requisite of a dancing skeleton is rhythm a BACKBONE!!

And I'm thinking that our greatest conservative danger in this new Congress is missing backbones.  The voters went out in force this last November and in a loud balloted voice- sent a message to Congress. Stop the insanity! Stop the redistribution of wealth .............. and BY ALL MEANS, close our borders and enforce our immigration laws. 

Well now, the 114th Congress hasn't even unpacked yet - and already Speaker Boneless (oops) Speaker Boehner is already making noises about not making a fuss and funding Obamanation's amnesty program, DHS's non-border protection policies and will probably support all of the other socialist bills coming out of the Oval Office. 

American frustration caused them to put in the largest Republican Congressional majorities since WWII -- and it appears that the establishment RINO wusses are gonna' let it all flow down the urinal!  (that's putting it in the nicest words) 

Dingy Harry was a mean spirited evil little man -- but he had more spine in dem finger bones than Boehner & McConnell put together.. At least he stood up for what he believed in -- wrong as it may be. These two.............   a Pox on their RINO spineless selves!! 

 Prove me wrong, Gentlemen..... please!!!!  Or step aside and let a real Republican with a capital R (of either gender) take over your positions. 
There is NO harm in shutting down the gob'mint - everybody gets paid and the country moves on even if White House tours are suspended.  

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