Sunday, January 18, 2015

Crony Capitalism with a large exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the last few years we have heard former Gob'nor of Alaska, Sarah Palin rant about the Crony Capitalism that has taken over our gob'mint at all levels. The Lame Stream Media of course, curse her every rant - and try to paint her as some kind of right wing-bat!

But every now and then, a ray of light shines into the dim closet of such cronyism in our Capital and Halls of Congress...   this is only the latest --

It seems that poor little California Senator DI-FI (Dianne Feinstein), current worth to be estimated at $70,000,000 (million) will be able to afford milk on her cornflakes when she retires from the Senate. In addition to her accumulated wealth, and retirement perks, her husband, Richard Blum (or is that Feinstein-Blum?) was the recent recipient of a contract with the USPS to sell 56 of their buildings .......  the sale of which will bring Mr Feinstein-Blum's real estate firm a way cool $1,000,000,000 (billion) dollars in commissions. 

Isn't that lucky for him? Three hundred and twenty million folks in this country, about two million licensed real estate brokers/agents - and out of this giant hat the name of Mr Richard Feinstein-Blum was plucked for this plum billion dollar deal. 

What luck!  

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