Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A 'Hump Day' question .. to ponder.. or more?

There was a well attended movie (that I didn't see) a few years ago entitled, "Barbarians at the Gate".  It's plot concerned unfriendly corporate take-overs in the United States I am told.

'We will fly the Black Flag of ISIS
over the White House!!!'
Very little research on my part after the Islamic terrorist murders in Paris last week led me to the fact that there are 1.570,000,000 (BILLION) adherents to the Islamic faith in the world --- that there are 49 nations which are predominately Islamic.    Thus, my question--

With this many Barbarians at the gates of the free world and our nation - Why is the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office concerned about tuition rates in community colleges? Why is his EPA concerned with carbon footprints and coal burning for energy. Why is the State Department concerned about one new oil pipeline when we already have thousands of miles of provably safe oil pipelines? Why is the Department of Education concerned about pushing their Common Core curricula down the throats of the fifty States? Why is the FLOTUS concerned about the availability of Jello in school cafeterias?

Oh wait - I cheated - that's more than one question....... sorry, let me rephrase it:

With 1.57 billion Islamic adherents bent on destroying our country and our way of life, why isn't OUR gob'mint concentrating on that problem?  

Is that better?

I am reminded of a very cogent expression from my youth -- "DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HUNTING FOR MICE WHEN THERE ARE ELEPHANTS STAMPEDING IN THE AREA!"


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