Saturday, December 13, 2014

Voter's Remorse..............

Back in my Realtor days -- we used to be concerned with a mental symptom called Buyer's Remorse.  Where clients would get all excited about a property and make a written offer.  Then over coffee the next morning, begin to wonder if they hadn't made a mistake - too much money --- too big --- too small.

So every time we would get an Earnest Money contract signed, we would offer the client a mini-bag of jelly beans to take home with him/her that night and tell them, "These are Buyer-Remorse Pills, the minute you start having second thoughts -- take two of these and chew slowly!

Well now, it's beginning to look like American voters (at all levels) are suffering from Voter's Remorse.  How many articles have we seen in the last few months where polls show that voters kinda, sorta wish that Mitt Romney was sitting in that Oval Office instead of the Chicago Community Organizer. 

And now I am reading that the good citizens of the (former) Great City of New York are developing a serious case of Voter's Remorse after electing their 21st Century Brand Communist as Mayor.  Things apparently are not going well in the newly founded Socialist Republic of NYC.

According to polls, only 41% of New Yorkers think the city is headed in the right direction...  Hmm I wonder where their checks come from? I'll link you to a good read - but first I have to share this one well written paragraph with you:

"Of course, the New York Times does bring up a good point. De Blasio did run on reforming the city’s police department. In fact, he was so dedicated to shaking things up, that he employed ex-convicts and former felons to help craft his policing policies during the campaign. (No wonder he is such a fan of Bloomy’s gun control policies… Felons don’t generally like armed victims, as it tends to create a hostile work environment.)"

Maybe the American Golf Association has the right answer --- give every voter a MULLIGAN!!!  Or at least a bag of jelly beans at the voting booth......

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