Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The perfectly named man for the job............

As I was watching Obamanation's latest press secretary, Josh Earnest in full gear the other day, sidestepping questions, answering a question with a non answer, changing the subject, and smiling most of the time....  It occurred to me that he is probably the most accurately named White House press secretary ever!

His name itself is a prime OXYMORON!

Josh: :  to engage in banter :  joke
Examples - 
  1. Don't take him seriously. He's just joshing
Earnest: serious and sincere : not lighthearted or playful
  1. an earnest plea for help
Anyway you cut it - you gotta admire a guy that can stand up there day after day and lie through his teeth with a straight face, remember all of the talking point pat answers provided to him, and never lose his temper!

Ever wonder why they have a daily briefing? Seems to me that a Friday Briefing on the events just passed and the upcoming events would be sufficient. Nobody learns anything from these pressers anyhow!  I reckon it helps a lot of reporters from having to work, dig and report. They can just take notes and call it journalism instead of shorthand!

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