Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Monday evening and the clock is ticking......... tick tick tick

Congress must pass a Continuing Resolution and get it to the Community Organizer in the Oval Office by Thursday sundown.... (in 72 hours from now) or else the world comes to an end or something.  

The question for yours truly is simply--- Did the Republicans that swept both houses get the message from the voters and stand up on their collective hind legs and vote for a Sixty Day CR that will take us into February for the 114th Congress to address....    or will they bend over, grab their collective ankles and approve a CR that gives that pretender in the White House carte blanch until the end of the fiscal year -- next September?

Stay tuned --- better yet, call your Rep and Senator and tell them what you want them to do!!   Poste Haste!!  

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