Friday, December 19, 2014

The Law of Survival

We have all heard of Murphy's Law - "Whatever can go wrong - will go wrong."
And we have heard of Darwin's Theory, and the law of Survival of the Fittest.
But here is one law that I wish was emblazoned on every step walking up into the Capital Building in Washington, on the wall of the Oval Office..... and I reckon, it should be printed on every credit card issued to a millennial .....

The Law of Survival:
We cannot live at the expense of our future.
The challenge of survival is to look after our immediate well-being without harming our lasting well-being. If we sacrifice our future for immediate gains, our lives get harder and harder as the future we have sacrificed becomes the present. This forces us to live at the expense of our future more than ever. We are trapped in the death spiral of addiction, and it will soon destroy us if we don’t free ourselves from it. Our current way of life is based on the all-out pursuit of immediate gains without regard for our future, so it’s really a way of death.
Click here to see today's national debt..... but don't just look at that $18 Trillion number in the upper left,,,,,,,,, let your eyes drift down to the far right hand bottom corner -- You ready to write a check for the Million $$ you owe???

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