Saturday, December 20, 2014

Folks still fighting the Civil War?

Or is this just one more of the millions of examples lately, of the imagined right of American citizens to not be offended by anything they see, read, or hear? 

Here in Texas, the state makes a few extra bucks by letting folks choose or create their own personalized license plates. For an extra fee of course.  The Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) designed the plate you see here and it was approved by the bureaucrats in the DMV... but then later disapproved by some committee because it 'might be offensive to any member of the public.' 

The SCV appealed, and won in District Court, but Texas is appealing the case to the Supremes...  Personally I think the SCOTUS has bigger fish to fry - but what do I know? 

Last I heard, there ain't one person in this nation that was alive during the Civil War. I don't reckon there are any children of those that served in the Civil War still alive.... so we are three or more generations removed from it. And yet, guardians of political correctness stand at the gates and keep the 1st Amendment at bay and try to pretend it never happened.   

Hell, I am more offended by Molly Cyrus  or whatever her name is on my TV than the Confederate Battle Flag. 

This kind of pin headed, pencil necked thinking in England, would have them ban Ole' Glory herself, the United States Flag , from any public presentation ---- after all, we was a rebel colony that whupped their butt to gain our freedom, weren't we?   And the Confederacy din't even whup butt!

Time to loosen up, America -- the Hammer & Sickle, the Swastika, the Rising Sun, are all merely symbols ... not messages or narratives....   
As my kids would say,,, "Folks need to chill out!"

And of all people, it was that Yankee wordsmith, George Will, that brought this to my attention....  Ain't that a hoot!!

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