Friday, December 26, 2014

Talking nickels and dimes here folks... nickels & dimes.

How much did you pay in federal income taxes in 2014, Partner? Zip? $500?  $1000? $5000?

Let's pretend you made good money, couldn't find a lot of deductions so paid that last figure of $5000.  It pained you, but what the hell, we all have to pay our share to live in this great country.  No problem, right?

Now then, supposing you found out that the gob'mint took your hard earned $5000 and bundled it with the $5000 tax checks of 86 other guys/gals and .... and gave the entire sum to the National Institute of Health, who then turned around and wrote a check to the University of North Carolina to spend it on....

A study of children's perceptions of "obesogenic' culture in films! Yessir, all that money ... $433,577 of Americans tax dollars were piddled away by some pencil necked professors and their grad students to find out what little kids think of fat characters in movies...   Movies like Kung Fu Panda, Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

And to make this study truly worthwhile, they note that while the kiddies are watching the fat characters, they are themselves drinking sodas, and sitting in a sedentary fashion..  Oh, the pain of it all!

All kidding aside, I only point this out because if I had just reported a one line headline in here that the gob'mint spent $433,577 on a study of kids watching fat folks --- you wouldn't even have noticed. In this day where our tax dollars (joined by borrowed money from China) is spent in the Billions and Trillions... that mere half million wouldn't even get your attention... much less impress you!

But when you go to pay your income tax in a couple of months - or look at your current pay stub and see how much they are withholding (FITW) .... I hope you'll remember the kind of inane, insane, stupid crony places it goes!  

Okay.... my rant is over ....go exchange those gifts!!   Oh, and if you want to read more about this UNC gift grant...  click here...

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