Thursday, December 25, 2014

Dark money - some bright light shined on the real story behind the sinister name.

I happened across an intriguing article this morning about the origins of that evil term "Dark Money" when juxtaposed next to that other evil term 'Grassroots Politics" .... and learned a lot from a short article. The article, written by Jon Cassidy of tells the tale of a lady that was sued in Colorado for trying to protect her neighborhood from annexation by a nearby town.  Her crime, organizing some neighbors and collecting enough money to pay for yards signs, hand bills and letters to the editor......... WITHOUT REGISTERING WITH THE GOB'MINT and filing reports by the truckload!!!!  
Dark Money???

Although I agreed with the Supreme Courts decision regarding money as free speech -- I had no idea of the impact it had across the land.  I figured it was just a matter of deep pocket corporations, or the Koch Brothers, Soros, or whoever.  Little did I know that States were creating laws to prevent any grass root level political involvement by laying out barbed wire, bear traps and other laws and regulations to stop any such citizen efforts. 

I'll link you to the article and see if you don't view the Citizens United v FEC decision in a new light.  I sure did!!  

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