Sunday, December 7, 2014

Obamanation's Agenda for his last two years?

The day after the Ferguson riots began.... the community organizer currently occupying the Oval Office went on National television -- ostensibly to calm the waters. When he finished his short, carefully crafted speech, I turned to my wife and said, "My God, when Hard Ball's Chris Matthews talked about dog whistles in speech patterns, he defined the words we just heard. The president of the United States is fomenting - not quieting!"

I've run into a few that agree with me, but the words passed over the heads of most. Not John Perazzo, however. He heard the dog whistles and as an expert on the source - capsulises what Obamanation really did. I won't just copy his great column here, but I'll link you to it here and hope that you'll take the two minutes it takes to read it.  It will help us all understand events as they are occurring. Witness, the death of the convicted felon in New York city... and others as they occur.

My biggest question for myself and y'all today is -- as I say in the title of this post: Now that BHO has created a loser's legacy in his first six years, will he (and his handlers) use these last two years to create the havoc that Saul Alinsky trained them all for?

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Ron Marcoullier said...

Totally agree, Pecoz. I heard his comments live and had the same reaction. In fact, I would have been surprised, given his history when commenting on anything touching on racial divide, if he had not made statements that he knew would stir things up.
Going to your last paragraph, you point to the very fears I had of
this most irresponsible of all presidents bering reelected. IMHO, he does not care one whit about anyone but Barack Obama and
whatever his personal agenda is. He does not have to worry about any future elections nor even care
how he affects members of his own party. One can only hope that congress grows a large pair and keeps him in check. And it wouldn't hurt of many members of the media shook of their blindfolded loyalty to this poseur.