Sunday, December 7, 2014

Interesting headlines today---

-- Saudi born engineer Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, an immigrant husband of an American woman has been arrested for trying give finite plans and details of still unfinished super new aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford to Egypt! 

Whats worse, he also tried to provide them with the engineering specs to ensure sinking the ship with a missile by showing them where to target it.  I remember when security clearances were difficult and demanding processes.

-- Six more Gitmo long term detainees  Islamic terrorists have been released and placed in some weird happy life in Uruguay in South America. I don't know about you folks, but I only see two likely outcomes from this deployment of career terrorists. They will either catch a plane home to the arms of ISIS or (and more probable) be a field training team of young South American Islamic Terrorist wanna-bes!! And we didn't even get a young American deserter in return for these killers. 

Once trained, it's only a long walk North to that Mexican/American border where we now have a welcome wagon installed for young folks from South America! 
What a country!!    

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