Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve, Eve.... so many low hanging fruits to pick....

I was gonna mention Obamanation's co-opting of the young Army officer's wedding in Hawaii -- but that's being seriously covered in the (non MSM) media that I won't pile on!  

Did you see all the headlines and screaming about the NY congressman with an "R" after his name that has pleaded guilty to tax evasion ---- and resigned his seat from congress...  it does keep the Obama/ISIS/NORKS/IRAN headlines off the front page for us to read doesn't it?  Compared to Murfa, Cold Cash Jefferson and their D posterboy for such criminal behavior - Charlie Rangel of NYC -- this is a non story -except they (the Administration and their lackeys in the MSM) need a new story!
 So, I reckon I'll just go to a quieter story that nobody wants to talk about during these times of amnesty, rushing the fences along the Mexican border and all.  How many times have you hear El Presidente of Mexico ask us to beef up our border control -- zip - nada - zero!  How many times have you heard El Presidente of Mexico encourage us to loosen up our borders and be a kinder gentler nation - tens - hundreds? A bunch ..

And here is the reason in this little old set of facts --- where does Mexico get all it's greenbacks from? You betcha - those money orders the illegal aliens send home.  One of Mexico's greatest greatest domestic dollar producing products --- illegals in the USA!

I think I need say no more!!!   

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