Monday, December 29, 2014

An Open Letter to the Next POTUS (Hopefully with an "R" after his name.

White House
Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC

Dear Mr President,

As our deficits keep soaring, our spending keeps rising and our money printing presses keep on cranking -- I have a suggestion.  I got to admit I never liked Czars in DC, thought they belonged in old Russia -- but I really think you ought to appoint a Real Estate Czar to sort out our federal gob'mint owned real estate disaster. 

The GAO posits that the federal gob'mint is currently sitting on about 90 million square feet of warehouse space (for you purists, that would be 90,000,000 SF) across the nation..... much of which the GAO doesn't even have records for. Apparently much of that space is vacant, crumbling,  or generally deteriorating. 

On Jan 21st 2017, your newly hired RE Czar could start inventorying all that space and find commercial real estate brokers across the land ready, able and willing to market it. Even a worthless building is sitting on valuable city land.... and the empty buildings that haven't fallen down yet certainly have a market value. 

Mr. President - keep in mind that once sold and put in commercial hands, the building and land become a source of revenue... called Property Taxes.  Much better than the ever increasing commode drain to flush tax dollars away.  An empty building sold for $1.00 becomes an asset instead of liability. 

But wait, there's more!!!

When you choose your Czar - please don't pick some GS-15 bureaucrat who has been hanging around DC for 20 years and is just waiting to retire. And please don't choose some congressman that just lost his seat, or mayor or gob'nor term limited out of office.  Pick a can do business man... an established commercial real estate broker for the job. Some one like Navy Academy Grad Roger Staubuck (former Cowboy quarterback) who has built a zillion dollar commercial real estate empire in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A patriot who will turn over his bid'ness to his managers for a couple of years while he serves his country.  

If VISA & AMEXCO can keep track of every nickel of a billion customers, and if Amazon can deliver 20 million packages to the right address on time every damned day .... than surely the government can identify, find, market and sell 19,000 buildings that it owns across the country.  Surely!

Respectfully Yours,

P.S. While I have your attention -- might also suggest that you put the ixnay onyay ethay onstructioncay ofyay ethay $4 illionBay ollarday omelandHay ecuritySay alacePay!  Makes no sense have all them eggs (heads) in one basket anyway. 
(if you have a problem decoding that sentence, call NSA or any ten year old)

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