Wednesday, November 12, 2014

To my fellow STUPID Americans......

American Voter in the eyes
of Obamacare Architect
Hey, I din't call you that, Obamanation's architect of Obamacare did!  Twice! I'm sure you heard the other shoe fall this morning --- Jonathan Gruber who was caught on tape calling the American voters stupid and loudly disclaimed it - saying was just a slip of the tongue...... has now been outed in another tape in another setting making the same statement regarding the stupidity of the American people. 

The voters looked a lot brighter last Tuesday -- however, Herr Gruber's un-transparent bill designed to head fake the American public is still here to haunt us.  Just in case you think you've heard the worst... wait till you see the new insurance rates.......  those covered by the ACA will see double digit increases in their premiums --- and those that aren't will see.........(drum roll) TRIPLING OF THEIR PENALTIES FOR NOT SIGNING UP!!

Stay tuned America, if you are smart enough...... If not, Hellary is sure to follow the cookie crumbs!

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