Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tick Tock Tick Tock -- the rioters in Ferguson are watching the clock!

I could have labeled this:  Heads the rioters win, Tails the citizens of Ferguson lose. 

For I am firmly convinced that no matter which way the Grand Jury's verdict comes out -- the rioters, amateur, professional, free-lance, paid, ISIS supporters, literate, illiterate, looters, crazies --------- will still riot!

Obviously, if Officer Wilson is no billed, they'll riot and loot -- after all didn't the Attorney General hisself, compare poor little 6'5" Michael Brown to Emmett Till of Mississippi Jim Crow days fame?

And on the other hand, if Officer Wilson is indicted -- obviously that proves that all White Cops are murders and mistreat minorities!  Certainly calls for rioting and looting. 

Paraphrasing the words of Rahmbo Emmanuel - never let a good excuse to riot and destroy and loot go to waste!!!

Gotta get those Christmas shopping lists out -- time to fill the bag!

After the riots of NYC, LA, Detroit...... these folks still haven't learned what even the dumbest mutt on the block knows --- you don't foul your own nest!!
Six months from now there won't be a 7/11, grocery store, or electronics store within five miles of Ferguson.... and that will be the new complaint!!

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